Actually, I’ve written two entries already. However, I’ve been back to being busier again. It’s always easy to keep me busy.

After a while, I’ve decided to just not post those entries at all. Not only they were past due and my moods were no longer in it, but they were also rather embarrassing.

So I think I’m just going to have a January recap here:

It’s been quite a challenging month for me. First, it was a shortage of money. Second, work has been rather slow.

Third, Lev came back and wondered if he and I could pick up where we’d left off.

Of course, I said no. Not when I had to sacrifice my life here just to follow him around. Not when he mostly wanted sex (which thankfully, I never gave into it) and I had to share him with other women in countries he’d visited and returned to.

And definitely not when he could – which he definitely would – leave me behind whenever he liked. It’s like, he wants to come and go as he pleases.

The result of this heartbreak? The same old, workaholic girl.

February, be kind to me…


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