Self Destructive Tendencies of an Insomniac

Have you ever felt like a hamster, endlessly running on it’s wheel? It’s not going anywhere, but in circles, inside his little cage. 

That’s one of the easiest ways to describe what I feel like on a daily basis… Like I’m on autopilot, because my sanity just can’t handle certain days. Before I introduce myself any further, I’ll let you read a little poem/note I wrote about living with anxiety and depression (Yes most of my writing is done to help myself therapeutically deal with my overwhelming thoughts.) 

The Truth

My body betrays me

My mind consumes –

All pain, all sadness

These hopeless nights have turned to hopeless days.

I am in Limbo – 

No longer living;

there is only survival here…


Anyhow, you can call me lil blue, or blue, whatever you prefer. I’m a 23 year old girl, just stumbling her way through life… Not sure if I’ll ever figure things out, but that what they say your 20s are for, so here’s to hoping. I enjoy video gaming, listening to music, binge watching tv shows (hint: bluebox is from one of my favorite shows), going to concerts, caring for animals, helping others and working out. I also enjoy going out with my friends when it’s possible, but I don’t have that many close friends at the moment (at least no single ones who have time to talk to me). 

So this is just going to be my Journal where I share some of my thoughts, feelings, events and anything else I feel like. 

That’s all for this Intro,



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