Some more blogging

I wasn’t feeling very good today, so I called in sick and stayed home. I’m drowning in apathy.

I re-watched my favorite Sherlock and Doctor Who episodes, tried to eat an apple (fail), fed Peeve, and wasted about an hour in the Internet. After that I tried going into my mind palace and fell asleep. I woke up about an hour ago.

Amy was very fussy when I said I wasn’t feeling well. She almost called the doctor.


Cairo tried to get into Peeve’s tank. I had to get up from the sofa and get him away, before someone died – most likely Cairo. 

I have an urge to go kick something right now, just because why not. But instead I think I’ll just paint a smiley face on my wall. And then throw darts at it. 

I looked up some more memes today. MEMES. I smiled at some of them and wanted to make shoes out of others.

I think I’ll go take a walk. 

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