Stressful day- 9:58AM- 2/2/2017

I’m currently drowning in stress. I missed a class yesterday that I was supposed to attend online, sadly the computer has issues and the computer I usually use will power on but the screen is black still. I’m up to my neck in stress.

I’m sleepy, tired, and my mother is not interested in helping me out at all. My father didn’t even known I was in tenth grade. And my mother? She as usual, doesn’t ever want to play her part as a parent. At least for my schoolwork, but I guess I can understand why her least interest is me at the moment, much less my future.

She’s always been that way.Trying to get her to sign papers is like asking her to cut off her arm. I’m just praying I can get a replacement computer in before next week. I’m also praying my mother can keep her cool long enough to help me.

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  1. @Flitch
    My parents? My mother didn’t want kids, my father did. Yet, my mother is stuck caring for us when she dreams of something more productive(Fancy?). I sorta understand why she feels the way she does about us though, so there’s no harm in knowing the truth about what she thinks about me as her kid.

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