There is A and B in life.

“No shit we get depressed because we feel it is hopeless and there’s no point.

Who said we have to stay?

Who said the solution is to lay down, wake up, brush our teeth, pee, get dressed, eat, shit, eat, and sleep?”

Been there, done that. Actually still doing it, but it’s time to wake up and start living. I have been asleep for two months from now since I got back from Denmark. I refuse to take a stand because I am afraid of everything what could possibly happen to me. Yesterday I read one article about people. There is A in life, and B. The A people are successful, have a great job they love, a pretty good house, a women or a men they love – everything they want. Whatever they start to do, the success leads them. On the other hand the B people is different. They quit jobs, changing places, lovers..  And I  tired to be the B of my life.

Now I am sitting on a couch in my hometown at parents house like a dumbass, without a job ( but searching for it now) cause I was suffering all this time. Two months I was doing nothing. Thinking about the people I missed, but they not missed me. So it’s time to let it go. Let go all the memories and start living. I always talking what I want to do, but I am afraid to start. Like – travel all around the Europe first, then  go to Canada, visit my aunt in Florida, speak japanese like native language, have a motorcycle  license and yacht of course , build a house near forest, make small decisions by myself,start working in advertising agency like Anne Hathaway  in ” Intern” movie and a lot small thing that I am afraid of.

But it’s time. This week I am moving to new apartment in capacity of Lithuania. The apartment is located in old town so is a kinda nice place also near park. And in the middle of this month I will have a job interview  in one film and advertising agency, so it is a great opportunity to show the best I can.

Wish good luck to me,
With Love M,
Starting to be the A in my life.

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