Trump protests – necessity?

I’ve heard a lot about Trump protests in the U.S. recently, and it seems like some people really think what their new president is doing is wrong.

Come on, I don’t even have one, as I’m a proud Londoner. 

However, I’m not sure that I’m jumping happily on the thought of foreigners.
They took over a big part of UK and even started yelling at the British people, the ones who actually welcomed them, to get the bloody hell out.

I mean, I know they went through war and all that stuff, but they came into my country, took the regions we held for hundreds of years in a few months and are now telling us to get out. Get out? Where to? They preach Islam in Ireland and look at us with some sort of disgust. Yeah, I know they’re not all ISIS agents and terrorist, but I’m seeing what the majority of them is doing, and I must say that it’s absolutely wrong.
They drove a lorry into a crowd of children on Christmas fair in Berlin. They blew people up in France and Germany. A woman and her daughters (?) were stabbed because they wore shorts and Muslims don’t wear them for religious reasons. The interesting part is, neither the poor lady nor her daughters were Muslim. They were just hanging out and enjoying their lives. And a horrible lot of gay people were killed by Islamic extremists because of their sexual orientation.
So maybe those protests aren’t necessary after all.

3 thoughts on “Trump protests – necessity?”

  1. It’s an American thing to protest. If you look back on it, Americans have been protesting and loudly voicing their opinions even before it was its own country, independent of England.

    We’re an incredibly diverse country, home to every race & religion world wide. Our mascot even represents a warm welcome, an escape from the terrors that other areas of the world are submersed in. I can understand the bleeding hearts that want to welcome the refugees. Really, I get it.

    Having said, seeing what has become of France & Germany – I do side with Trump. He IS NOT banning people PERMANENTLY. He simply wants to improve the vetting process & KNOW who we are letting into this country. I would want to know who I let in my house and I applaud Trump for extending this caution when it comes to national security.

  2. I agree with sentiments of Therealgoddessianna. I strongly believe that the mainstream media in efforts to hold Trump accountable have served to distort the message that he is trying to accomplish.

    I believe in the freedom of speech. However, what I don’t agree with is the violent protest and destruction of property that has been going on and increasing throughout the states. How can this be effective or beneficial to anyone? My understanding of Trump’s executive order is that it is not meant to target Muslim-it’s not meant to be a Muslim ban, rather the focus is on extreme vetting process starting with the 7 countries that were identify under the Obama Administration as places where terrorists come from. I think that it is unfortunate that the role out of his policy which is meant to secure and protect American life to prevent more tragedies have inconvenience refugees and people coming from these 7 countries. I can only hope that this situation gets better, that people really educate themselves about what is really going on and not really on mainstream media reporting to understand what the truth and facts are. I strongly believe that most people who are out there, especially the younger generation can’t even articulate why they are out there protesting-they are just following a movement. It’s important to understand why you decide to engage in a particular action so that then it can lead to implementing effective and safe approaches to address concerns. If you want to further read my viewpoint regarding the current political environment check out the journal article that I wrote about “Changing Political Party”

  3. I did do research on Islam. It was spread by war; basically, join or die.
    That’s a lot of love, I know.

    I’m just very angry that they come to my country and hurt my people.
    And they – my people, I mean – can’t do anything. We are very tolerant, but we’re not made of rubber – and even if we were, rubber breaks too.
    I was harassed by some so-called refugees last week; I just chose not to write about it here, mainly because of laziness; but now I definitely will.
    I’ve also seen a boy from my school, probably 11-12 years old, just going home and not bothering anyone. A few of “refugee” kids came up and started hitting him. Why? Oh, you know, he was bisexual. Even at school they bothered him in bathrooms. I told them off a few times, but I can’t be everybody’s bodyguard. And, if I could afford it, I would get myself a huge dog to keep them at a distance.

    I’m. Fed. Up.

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