What I disliked vs. what i liked most about being raised in my family.

I disliked all the uncertainty that I felt from day to day. I hated that my parents frequently left in the evenings and sometimes they were mean when I would cry. I hated that my parents were drunk a lot of the time. I hated that my parents fought so much especially when it would get physical. I hated that my brother was so mean to me. I hated that I had 5 older half sisters who were adults and no one ever did anything about the situation even though they knew it was happening. I disliked that I wasn’t important enough to my parents for them to attend one of my sporting events or talk with me about my future. I hated being left in the car alone at night while my parents drank in the bar, this is when they couldn’t find a babysitter. I hated that I might ask a question and get yelled at. I hated that I always was afraid of my father. I disliked that my mom tried to buy me off in exchange for her neglect. I hated that I was so confused all the time not knowing what was ok to do and what wasn’t.

What I liked most about being raised in my family was that we lived in the country and I could go out and explore the landscape. I loved having chickens and cats. I loved it when my brother would take me fishing. I loved it when my dad would take us fishing. I loved it when my mom took me school clothes shopping out of town. I loved that we had satellite TV and water beds. I loved spending a day on my dads worksite up in the woods. I loved baking and sewing. I love that my mom taught me how to crochet. I loved going to bible camp. I loved it when my dad was in a good mood. I loved laying my head on my moms lap while she sat on the couch and crocheted.

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  1. Wow, all those bad things must have sucked. At least you have some good memories to hold on to, and you will know what kind of a positive presence to be in your own children’s lives 😉

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