Day 19- New day

Febuary 3 2017

I have so many great days I truly believe it’s because of my exercise routine. I go to the gym 3X a week and I do my own set of stretching and exercising at home everyday. I am so proud this hasn’t happened in such a long time. Exercise is the best anti-depressant. I only weighed myself once and lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m keeping positive.

Work has been okay but stressful. I don’t understand how in my field how people can be so bitter. So much negative energy sometimes and I just try to keep to myself. I’ve said in later posts how I feel different, nothing in common and it’s true but I don’t think it’s me anymore. I go in positive and these people just exhaust me, like a cult. All they do is talk about one another and agrue about stuff that is meaningless. Like who cares if a girl likes a co-worker, like why as a 40 year old man are you getting in her business. To me that’s just creepy is there anything else people can talk about? Like how was your weekend? How is school going for you? How’s the family? Not “omg you know people have been talking and they don’t think this is a good idea” like seriously? I just keep to myself and do what I can for my patients. I refuse to allow the negative energy to affect me anymore. 

New attitude new me. My glass is half full. 

Tasha Out😘

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