Day 3 – 30 Days of Discipline

My butt hurts!!  I did some really great yoga last night and then again this morning. I got into positions I didn’t know were even possible for my body. I loved it, and now my butt hurts.

I’ve been trying to visit my cousin for a couple of weeks.  I keep making excuses or getting busy or just not feeling like going out.  Today I resolved in my mind, stop making excuses, go visit your cousin.  I’m so glad I did. We had coffee and caught up on the latest goings on, and played with crazy expensive hats. Seriously, those hats are worth hundreds of dollars. 

Oh, and I scared a little girl today. I thought we were playing but when I said boo she screamed a blood curdling scream and ran. I thought I was being cute, she thought otherwise. 😳

The rest of my day was nice.  I ate well, no cravings and no cheating. I didn’t take in as much water as I should.  I will work on that better tomorrow.  Jim had a wisdom tooth removed today.  Good Lord, you would think he had major surgery.  He keeps giving me updates on his pain level.  Dude….it’s a tooth! 

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