Day 341 – Spoilers, art and Grindelwald

Thursday, February 2nd 2017

Today was the same as the past couple of days. Typical school work.

I had English first. We continued reading 1984 and our teacher showed us a video about the characters. It ended up giving us a few spoilers on who betrays Winston. Everyone yelled “spoilers!” afterwards. I was kinda mad as well, cause I really like the book and I haven’t read a book I’ve enjoyed so much in forever. Welp, what can you do…

I then had art and I started drawing eyes. One of the tasks for the eyes is drawing 4 different ethnicities for female and male. I started with Japanese male eyes and did this :

It’s pretty good. I feel like something is missing, but not quite sure. Maybe more shading.

At lunch I sat with Kohai. We went on to French class where we had a substitute teacher. I read my book some more (which is getting better) and did the questions. They were really easy and quick to do.

I went on to psychology and we had a discussion about what seperates us from animals. The list was religions, traditions, language, clothing, habitats, time period and etc. My group decided that clothes, religions and language seem to be what seperates us the most.

When I got back home I worked on the book a little and moderated the server, but there wasn’t any players, really. We’ve lost a lot of players again. Hopefully it comes back up like last time.

For lunch I ate some sheperd’s pie (I remember when I used to hate it—love it now), then I went on the server a little bit more before reading on Grindelwald (suddenly got an obsession with him, and I actually like Johnny Depp playing him compared to before, probably just had to get some using to, kind of like Kylo; when he removed his mask, I did not like his appearance at all, but then I really liked his personality—I think that’s why I don’t mind Johnny Depp now, cause in the end, I only like the character’s personality and backstory).

I tried out a game called Brawlhalla. It’s fun. Same genre as Smash Bros.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 341 – Spoilers, art and Grindelwald”

  1. I saw you requesting more questions in the book. More questions coming up! In case you skim over it since I write a lot, I wrote about you a little in my entry today, as well as in the book.

    Speaking of trying out the video game Brawlhalla, you still haven’t sent me the 3 games you wanted for Christmas yet. I still have the codes waiting for you to activate them. Even though I would recommend art, programming, working on the book, or exercising as all better activities than gaming, you still have 3 games to claim 😛

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