Diamond of God

I have decided to start journaling. I have never been very good at getting my thoughts out into the world, but here I go trying new things. Will I let others read it… maybe…

Why did I choose the user name I did? A couple of reasons… I was once given two prophecies rather close to each other in time. One called me a rose with a hardened metal stem but fragile petals. Beautiful, strong, and fragile. This visual lead to a conversation that eventually hurt my marriage. See it painted me as fragile and forgot the strong. The other prophecy called a diamond of God. It went on to say that I am strong, pure, and multi-faceted. I chose to name this after the second prophecy because I can see even in my weakest and lowest of moments how this is true.

I am strong in so many ways. By grace I am holding it together emotionally through a time where no one would hold it against me if I fell apart. I am able to give stability to my girls in the midst of the mess.

I am not sure what was meant by pure even now. I believe it may mean that I pure in heart when I love something or care.

Multi-faceted— where to begin??? I am strong but soft too. I can be harder than anyone, but softer than down feathers. A story of contradictions.

This is page 1 to the rest of my life. I hope this goes well.


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