Entry 1: Personal Happiness

  1. The two strength areas that I chose that I think I scored high in are; work and social support. I think I scored high in social support because I think of myself as a very social and outgoing person. I come from a big family of 10 people living with me, so I feel as if my social support at home is very large in a sense of I always have someone I can go to for support and help on things. I also think I have a big variety of friend groups, I was never the type to just stick with a couple of friends, I like to have a range of people I can go to for things. Also having a boyfriend being your best friend as well has helped me a lot the past 5 years with situations I could never have dealt with myself, I find myself very grateful when it comes to the love and support a person needs in their life.

Scoring high in the work area had me a little confused as to why I was so happy in that field, but then I got to thinking more about it and I realized that working and doing something with my life instead of just being at home all day has me very happy. I got my first job at 18 and now I could never imagine not working. looking back to myself being a couch potato and not doing anything during the day, I wasn’t very happy with myself, I knew I could do better than this, so I ended up getting a job and making money that I never thought I would make. It was a great feeling, and now I never want to go back to not working, I enjoy working, I’ve made friends with people I know will last a life time and that makes me extremely happy.

2. The two areas that stood out for me that are pretty much the only two areas that I noticed dropped in happiness are; community and time balance. Reading those two, I had no idea what they meant, reading their descriptions I got a better insight of why I scored less in these fields. For community, I think I didn’t get a high score, because yes, even though I consider myself outgoing, when it comes to giving back to the community or helping with fundraisers etc, I find myself being really shy connecting with people in my community, so I think that’s definitely one of my weaknesses when it comes to being happy with my community.

The second area that I didn’t score very high in is, time balance. This one I can see where I wouldn’t score as high because I feel as if I need to make time for more important things in my life. Seeing my grandparents more, taking on more shifts at work, going to the doctors more for check-ups etc. I think sometimes I need to realize the more important things in life and make more time for them every day, I need to start realizing what’s in my life and how I need to keep it there before it goes, and not watch it slip away every day.


a) 3-4 helpful classes that will help me improve or increase my personal happiness will be week 6- Meditation, week 7- Positive Emotions, Week 8- Compassion, and lastly week 10- enjoying life. I am hoping I will get a more positive outlook after being in class in these weeks.

b) 3-4 helpful classes are week 7, week 10, week 11 and week 8. The one I chose that stood out for me and I’m actually looking forward to this class, is week 10. I read that this week we will learn a lot about enjoying life and the well-being in life. I think what I need to gain from this week’s class is just looking at life better, taking bad situations and seeing the good from, not blaming other people or putting your bad moods onto other people. I want to start believing that I’m going to be living a long, healthy life and I also want to stop seeing the bad news on to and believe that everything will be better eventually.


  1. – What I learned about happiness by completing this entry is that happiness comes from everything we do in our everyday life. Everything we do and say defines whether or not we are happy. The way we see things, the way we say things, the way we do things, it’s all about whether or not you are happy, anything can make you happy or sad.
  • What I learned about my own happiness from this entry was, when it comes to most things in my life I am a generally happy person, but at the same time I still feel as if I can improve and gain more happiness in life by getting myself out there more and stop looking at the bad so much in life.
  • The one thing that stands out for me in this entry is that work is a big part of my happiness and I couldn’t agree more. working makes me feel more responsible and I feel as if I learn something new every day at work which also makes me feel more educated at the same time, without work now, I would feel useless and as if I wasn’t doing anything good with myself. Im happy im a working girl and love doing what I do as a career.
  • How I can use my success and strengths in my future entries is using my experiences and my happiness to get me through life. Doing these entries makes me look at my life a lot different because I like to see results in my tests and I like to learn and gain more knowledge of what I need to improve on etc. so reading my results is going to let me use my experiences I have and gain more experience because I know now what I have to do in the future.

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