Entry 2: Understanding Happiness

  1. Something that made me extremely happy is my work experience. After grade 12, I decided to take a couple of years off and just work and make some money until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. It took me approximately 6 months to find a job, during that time I can say I was not very happy. It felt like forever to find a job, it was the most stressful thing in my life at that point because I never thought I was going to find a job, my parents were constantly nagging me to find one because they didn’t like to watch me just sit on the couch all day, they like to push me until I reached my goals, I am very grateful for that. So, after the 6 months of constantly applying places and putting myself out there, my best friend came up to me and told me where she works is finally hiring. Hearing that news was happiness that I couldn’t even describe but it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I finally got a full time job working at Bruno’s signature, also known as a butcher shop. Getting the full time job gave me so much experience and educated me on so many things I didn’t even know about, I ended up getting a raise and getting promoted to assistant manager position. From not having a job at all to getting a promotion just a year and a bit after working at the store had me ecstatic, I was at lost for words, I 100% was over my set point of happiness. Telling this story now and realizing everything I went through to get my job, im realizing how happy and grateful I am for the opportunities in my life.
  2. The category of PERMA that I think I fell under for my happiness is Accomplishments/Achievements. I think this bests suits my happiness story because I accomplished getting a job after so many months of struggling to get one. After I achieved my goal of getting a job, I then started accomplishing more and more, but getting a promotion and a raise, my accomplishments made me who I am today.
    1. HAPPINESS = set-point + voluntary choice + conditions of living.
    • Set-point: your set-point of happiness is basically your “normal” kind of happy, if you are extremely happy then your over your set-point but if you’re feeling very sad than your below your set-point of happiness.
    • Voluntary choice is our choices for our long term happiness; we make good decisions now to be happy in the future.
    • Conditions of living are the circumstances of our lives in which we live in.

    The point I think best stands out for my happiness is the set point part. I was really below my set point when I didn’t have a job, I felt like I was really lazy and didn’t want to get up and do anything, but once I got my job in that moment it was like my set-point just sky rocketed up and I was extremely happy with my goal.

  3. What I learned about happiness by this entry was not to give up. In the moment when your stressing out about something and you’re not doing too well and you just want to forget about it. I think never give up, because even though you’re probably stressed out right now, it will all be worth it in the end if you just keep going and reach your goal, you will eventually be happy. What I learned about my own happiness by this entry was it took me a while to get to the point I am today, and looking back at me not being very happy, I never want to get to that point again in my life. I couldn’t be happier at the stage im at right now. What challenged me in this entry is how we had to think of a happy time in our life and write about it. It took me a good half hour to think about what a big thing was in my life that made me very happy, because on an average day, were all happy at one point, and remembering everything that made us happy is kind of hard now looking at it. But I remembered that work is a big part of my life and what I had to do to get me there. What stood out for me in this entry was looking back at the PERMA and realizing that every step I had to take for me to get a job was PERMA. I obviously didn’t know what PERMA was before I took this class, and now knowing what it means, it’s a great way of getting to your happy point if you just follow the steps.

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