I know better:

Have you ever found yourself completely and utterly attracted to someone. And I don’t mean just looks, I mean their whole being, everything. I mean even the ugly and completely ruined parts too? Not just what’s on the outside. Have your ever found a person who has your constant attention, and as you get to know this person more personally it never fades? That initial attraction like a bran new toy from the toy store when you were younger. An that feeling just never goes away. And anytime your talking to this person or just around them its like that, it always feels new, exciting, and peaking your interest always.

Yeah I found that person too, only they don’t belong to me.

I know the felling wont ever go away, but I feel you in my bones and the worse part is, your not mine. You will never be mine, You belong to another, just like I do.

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