Sometimes insecurity
feels like a giant shadow
lurking in the darkness
waiting for a chance to strike

or a monster struggling to get free
so it can roam anywhere it goes
turning a soul restless
from the same bad dream every night
or even worse

A little girl in a woman’s eyes
dreading the truth in every possible lie
Does he really love her,
or is he still looking for another?

A small man pretending to be big
his pompous behaviour making everybody sick
luring every girl he could, just to warm his bed
It’s just a matter of ‘when’ before someone wants him dead

Sometimes insecurity
is a subtle trap you can’t really see
You may say confidence is the key,
but this can still happen to you and me
no matter how we pretend to be
as alright as anyone can see…


(Jakarta, 22/1/2017 – 9:30 pm)

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