Log Date 020

Log Date, 020.

I’m still playing the role of observer at La Beauté. Taking notes, walking around, feeling hungry because I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, all that. I’m not about to sneak another muffin from the back, either, no matter how hungry I am. I don’t want to risk getting fired.

Today’s my last day here before my weekend off. I feel like I’ll enjoy sitting around and doing next to nothing much better now that I have a job. It’ll be more rewarding. But for now, I’m simply the observer. Nothing wrong with that, I enjoy just observing. And Daniel and I are getting more friendly, as well, it’s very nice having him around so I don’t bore myself to death. He makes me laugh quite a lot.

Chismin just popped in and bought more stuff, as well. More pastries, even more doughnuts, a certain type of tea that I actually really like getting from La Beauté when I can afford it, more sandwiches (a bundle platter, I believe), and some more hot chocolate.

Now, I don’t want to be rude and assume anything, but is he going to throw me another mini-party? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

End Log.

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