Rolling around

I stayed home again today.

Probably missed some stuff, but oh well.

After some thinking, I decided that I should probably go out into the world on February 14, although I’m pretty sure that there will be a lot of couples. And pink.

Of course there will be pink.

It’s Valentine’s Day.


Amy said  I didn’t look well. I replied with a short “No dip, Sherlock!”, and left. You can tell we’re best friends. 
Especially with Cairo the cat flushing the toilet in the middle of the night and yowling bloody murder at 5:00. Why? Oh, you know, he’s out of food, and he certainly can’t wait until at least 7. And when Amy gets up and gives him his food, he just goes to his bed and purrs.

I noticed  that I lost another pound and grew another quarter of an inch. Boy, if that keeps on going like that, I’ll end up becoming a long coil with spaghetti arms and legs.

Speaking of spaghetti, I actually had some today. With a crazy ton of ketchup.



I llllllove spaghetti with ketchup. I guess I should go have some more. 

And then – chocolate. And tea. With milk.

Actually, when I was little, I thought that tea with milk tasted horrible, but that was only because I had lemons in my tea.

Now I think that tea with lemons is disgusting. 

But tea with mint is a completely different matter. I mean, mint. In a nice hot cup of tea. With mint chocolate. 

Dammit, I really need to acquire a bunch of mint and mint chocolate. 

But I’m too lazy to get up, so I’ll have to just eat my spaghetti and be content with a cup of tea with no mint and with a piece of plain chocolate.


8 thoughts on “Rolling around”

  1. I’ve always hated mint chocolate. And I haven’t eaten spaghetti in about 50 years. But, you do you.

  2. wow! that sounds yummy! you take time to yourself and relax Flitch!

  3. @Flitch, I suppose? At least, I’ve adapted well enough.

  4. @Chistmer, then I wouldn’t be surprised. Americans and English are very different from each other.

    @Chismin, thanks.

  5. This is hilarious. I’m American & I like both spaghetti & mint chocolate. Ketchup, isn’t to my taste however, especially with spaghetti.

  6. @Therealgoddessianna, maybe.
    I’ve heard, however, that most Americans don’t like tea. And I mean real tea, with milk and in smaller cups.

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