The Wake Up Treatment

One of the few things I remember my Father teaching me was to always be grateful for the gift of another day. I don’t have a lot of memories of him, but I remember one morning when I was probably 6. I guess my sisters and I must have been being lazy one morning and he dragged us into his bathroom and did the “wake up treatment”, which consisted of ice cold water being splashed over our faces… amid squirms and giggles. I can *almost* remember the sound of his voice, although he was being funny, he really did mean it and no daughters of his were ever going to be lazy, even in the morning. Which also reminds me of all the times we had to pick up rocks in our 1 acre yard. (a little hard, stupid work builds character, even if I was 4-5 years old, picking up rocks)

I needed that wake up treatment today, if only as a memory rather than literally. I’m taking some medication that decided day 7 was the day to really kick my ass. It was a rough night. Almost fainted this morning. But I need to be amazing today so I’m reminding myself of all who have it much, much worse, that I’ll be fine and as I always told my children… suck it up. Grateful I’m my own boss and although I still need to work a good 10 hours today, I can adjust and do some different work than I had planned. And I’ll go get myself some major iron and protein for lunch or dinner. And as I type this and still not feeling so well, it might be like a 10:30am lunch or maybe I will go to breakfast and be amazing after lol. 25 more days till I have nothing to do… 25 more days, 25 more days…

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