Thursday February 2nd

Today was better than yesterday. The principal called me in his office first thing this morning and talked to me. He told me I could just do the 4 8th grade classes. I have felt much better since. I just really felt like I was getting screwed- working more hours, making less money, then doing a job and a half! Gah! I was more than a little frustrated. I looked at the schedule from earlier in the year, and they started out with 3 science teachers and each one only taught 4 classes. I called Daniela yesterday and she emailed me today and told me to call her back, but I missed her when I did. I’m still not sure I will stay where I am. I know I will fall in love with the kids, though. It pisses me off because I know the m-effing superintendent is getting paid, but he tries to get me for nothing. That’s insulting. 

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