Day 342 – Small thing that makes me smile & school

Friday, February 3rd 2017

How is it Friday? I thought I was still on the first day of the semester… Sure feels like it.

At my bus stop there is a man with down syndrome that always comes to shake my hand and say hello. Has been for a couple or so months now. It’s great though, cause whenever I go to shake his hand first, he has this huge smile on his face which just makes me feel really happy afterwards. Thought I’d write it down just cause it makes me smile.

I started the day with psychology. We had discussed on how if in the future, we could control our childrens’ genetics so that they could be perfect. Most people pointed out the problems that would arise, such as then everyone would be perfect or before that, what would happened to the non modified people. We also discussed if a mother, instead of carrying her child during pregnancy, a machine would do it instead. We discussed how the connection would just be gone between them.

French followed and I continued reading the book. We also wrote some notes and corrected our work that was handed out yesterday, but I didn’t do. Oh, and we were also given time to do it. I did half or so of it in the amount of time I had.

At lunch I sat with my close friends before going to art class. I continued on my eyes and messed up the bottom left one, because my approach was different. I found myself completing one eye before the other and that’s a bad thing to do, cause then your other eye will not be symmetrical. It’s always best to do a step on both eyes before continuing to the other. I did this with the rest of them, but that one I did it without realising and facepalmed when I realised now I have to do the other eye and it won’t be the same.

I ended the day with English and we had a longer reading period. We also finished a text and had to give our opinion on it. We are gonna read them out Monday and I have to start over mine, since we only had ten minutes, so it’s poorly written. I plan on working on my books and such for the weekend, but I’m gonna be pretty busy as well. I’ll have to figure out a time.

When I got home I watched some animations on YouTube, ate, helped out for the little that I could for an event on the server and then went downstairs to watch Supernatural.

That’s all for today.


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