Entry 3: Global Happiness

Happiness in Denmark:

The reasons why I think Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world is because of some factors that contribute with why I have these thoughts. GDP is one of the reasons because of Denmark’s high level of prosperity, it is a very rich country, so that’s why everyone is satisfied there. Perceived Freedom is a big one for Denmark because they are all basically in control of their own life in Denmark. Their freedom is encouraged by the constitution that everyone is created equal. Trust was a big one for me that I could point out because trust is all part of happiness and that’s exactly what Denmark has, they all trust each other and that’s what makes their lives easier to live. Lastly, is Denmark’s Social Support. I think this is a big one because for anyone, having support and someone be there for you a big way to be happy. Their government being very democratic to them is a really big impact on their happiness, society is changed when something isn’t going right and that’s a huge impact on happiness when your surrounded by good people.

Life in Rwanda:

Here are some of the factors of why Rwanda is one of the lowest countries on the happiness chart. GDP for Rwanda is at a very low point for them with the GDP at 0.9%. they are one of the poorest countries in the world including low human development, which then brings me to my next point of Life Expectancy, due to poor weather conditions and just the fact that majority of Rwanda’s populations depends on subsistence agriculture. They encourage to use of modern and natural resources. The next factor im going to use is the Social Support. This is because they don’t really have anyone to support them or count on but themselves. Lastly, is Trust. I choose this one because it falls under a corruption government, and I think that Rwanda has gone through a lot with regarding the democratic government, but they still need to build and mature a lot more with empowering political parties, civil society and the private sector.

What Have I Learned:

  • What I learned about happiness by this entry was that everywhere you go in the world will have a different happiness scale, little did I know that so many little or big countries were either so high on the chart or so low on the chart.
  • What I learned about my own happiness after doing this entry is that I live in Canada, so were #6 on the chart and I think that’s really good considering there were over 150 countries on that chart. I realized I have it really lucky living where I live and having the kind of needs and wants in life that I get to have unlike places like Rwanda.
  • One thing that stands out to me about this entry is just realizing how many countries are so poor and barely have anything in life, it’s really sad seeing how others are living out there and then looking at how good we have it here in Canada.
  • Some challenges I faced while doing this entry was reading and getting the information on Rwanda. I read it over several times and it was difficult for me to understand most of the information that was on Rwanda.

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