I Give Up.

I give up. I can’t pass EAD and OS. I missed my chance, it’s all my fault. I didn’t study hard enough and now there is no point in trying.

An old school friend called me. He lives the area which is notorious for bring a place where there is lot of conflict with women rights.

I studies in a pre cadet school thus I had many friends who belonged to these areas. These friends of mine were not friends with many out of their race and culture but for some reason I was an exception for all of them. They all became my friends and still are.

I spend a lot of time with them and learned about a lot of stuff. Many things people perceive as Women Right Abuse is actually just a cultural thing and not in the least any abuse. They respect their women more then us do.

Yes women in those areas are not allowed to study after a certain time and are expected to get married which is a cultural thing but the ones who do study further are respected more then educated men, that is something amazing.  

This friend of mine told me he just got admission in MBBS that awesome and a lesson to me. We graduated form school at the same time but it has been three years I took admission in MBBS and he is taking admission now.

He wasn’t the only one a few weeks ago I got call for another friend just like him for the same area and he too got admission this year.

These friends stopped their education after college for certain cultural and family reason but they never forgot the importance of education and their desire of education never ended.

These are the people who will reform their societies form within.

People raise their voices against them saying they are uncivilized but the reality is the area they live in are not easily accessible areas, for thousand of years they have lived deep in the mountains covered with snow whole year round and amidst desert that are unreachable with normal methods.

For the past hundred of years they saw their neighbors (us, punjabi) living in an area which was constantly being developed and cultivated while there families were dying of hunger and lack of water.

We had the responsibility to take them with us to prosperity but we didn’t. They are building themselves up from the ground and if they hate us I can totally understand.

People in developed countries go on and on and on about the situation here but just a hundred years ago they were the one who would attack their neighboring countries make their people slaves and bring them back to their country and sold them how civilized of them.

These friends of our living in Baluchistan and Khyber Pashtun Kha were far out from the reach of modernization it only became possible after the advent of heavy machinery and roads and stuff and it has not been very long since then. It will take a little time for them to catch on.

Even now the friend told me that he stuck in his town because of the heavy snow fall.

I like my friends. Even though I lost one because I had my rules. He was asking me to tell him about the invigilator in the exam who was taking bribes and giving students solution. I didn’t tell him which one he was. It’s my rule not to cheat. I lost that friend he hasn’t talked to me since then.

I have lost I give up.  

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