Late night babble

Tonight at work – Epic Fail. I got my face too close to the grill when I was cleaning it and accidently got high temp grill cleaner mixed with charred guck directly in my eye. It doesn’t hurt like you think it would. It just feels raw and super dry. My vision seems to be effected. I should probably go to the ER, but I’m not in catastrophic pain. I will probably go to the walk in clinic instead. 

I have a short shift tomorrow. The Man mentioned me taking the debit card to the mall tomorrow and getting some new clothes. I really, really want to take him up on it, but I think I’ll pick up some stuff for Bobo instead. In journal entries when I write about my kids it is always Snoochie this, Deedee that, but that’s just because Bobo is a very easy lil’ guy. At that tender age of 13, he is not the squeaky wheel. Give him cheeseburgers, fruit punch, and youtube videos and you won’t see him for a day. What can I say, pre-teen boys don’t raise much cause for alarm.

Here’s a random question for you based off of a current dilemma: Would you let a person use you as a reference at your place of employment even though you have never met them? The Man is experiencing this type of pressure. His step sister and her new boyfriend want to move down here & they want to use The Man as a reference. We barely know his step sister & we don’t know the boyfriend. The Man isn’t comfortable getting this type of pressure from his family. I don’t think they fully realize what they are asking, especially since step sister is married to a different guy that she has been with only for a few years and he turned out to be a total drug addict. I’m hoping the family takes the hint that we don’t want to put ourselves on the line…

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