The moment I saw the real you

Face wise, you were not really my type. I liked guys that are Chinito, smart, good in math or chess..and the list goes on..But then again fate had really played a cruel joke because I didn’t plan on falling in love with your looks. One time, we had the same shift, I wore a new watch, you touched my watch because it was big and that caught your attention. While you were trying to touch it, your finger tips brushed my forearm, I wasn’t prepared for the impact of that kind of sensation it brought me. It felt different and exciting. I suddenly felt ‘kilig’ which I thought I’m not capable of. When you brushed my forearm I felt something. But again dismissed it thinking that it was just a normal body reaction towards a tickling stimulus. You were seated right beside me and I tried to make you go away to make you stay away from me because I didnt want to feel any more weird emotions toward you. But you stayed for a while and you closed your eyes and I cursed that night for looking at you while you closed your eyes. It struck me you have the longest eyelashes I had ever seen in a man. Your eyebrows are so thick. Your nose is so perfect. I resisted the urge of running my finger through the contour of your nose or touch your eyebrows or feel your very very long eyelashes. I was speechless that night. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were so beautiful it hurt. So I told you to sleep outside, and because I was smelly that night or so I thought, you finally decided to go outside the lab to sleep…to be continued…..

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