One-sided emotion


I still can remember that night I asked my guy classmate if it’s just a debris or not, you answered by looking at the microscope to check what I saw. I was quite shocked why you did that. You didn’t have to do that but you somehow felt you needed to be nice towards me. But I just let you and didn’t mind what you were doing.

So when we had the chance to be in the same area, I kind of felt comfortable working with you already because you’re friendly. Even though we got off on the wrong foot, you proved that you are nice and you just wanted to erase any prejudices I had against you.

When I really got to talk to you, I felt at ease, I felt accepted. I felt that with you I don’t have to pretend or that no matter how much I pretend or hide what I truly feel or cover what I really am, I felt that you could see right through me. With you I felt like I don’t want to hide. I wanted you to see the real me. I felt that my thoughts and opinions mattered because I felt that you cared. I used to suppress my weird side, to hide what I know because I felt like people just don’t get me. But with you, it felt like we’re on the same wavelength and most of your classmates and mine started to notice. One time you were off duty, I shared something about me and one of your classmates remarked I think and act a lot like you,so I was dumbfounded. Yes I also noticed that you are the male version of me. You were not my type at all but there’s something about you and your looks that got me hooked and day by day I was interested to know more about you because I haven’t met a guy like you but it felt like I’ve known you already because I just feel comfortable around you.

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