To the person who never really cared

I really need an outlet because I cannot keep all these feelings inside. I wanted to tell you but I don’t want to act and sound like a fool begging for you to notice me or for you to reciprocate my feelings. You see, I have been infatuated with you for a decade already. Yes it has been a decade already. A close friend during college couldn’t believe I’m still obsessed with you until now.

We were college interns back then when I started to feel things I shouldn’t have because come on! It’s impossible for you to notice me back then. I’m not someone that would catch a guy’s attention back then. Guys would just pass me by, never really cared the real person hiding behind all those layers of fats. Of course guys are visual, I get that, and I couldn’t blame you if you don’t look at me in a romantic light because I wouldn’t look at myself twice either because I wasn’t physically pleasing at all. But I hated you so much because of your friendly nature. I thought you’re a phony, that you’re just trying to be nice to make it up to me. You prolly thought it was your fault I was reprimanded by a staff during internship but really it wasn’t your fault at all for daydreaming and being absentminded at times. It was my fault for not double checking what you said. But still being the good guy that you are and you somehow felt you need to make it up to me so you were being nice towards me, you helped me whenever I asked questions even though it was my classmate that I asked in the first place and I was perplexed why you were being so nice when we’re not from the same school. So I just let you, I mean there were times I was tempted to not talk to you deliberately but since you looked sincere and friendly so I thought what the heck, you’re harmless so I welcomed your chattiness and friendliness. Days turned into weeks and when we had the chance to rotate in the same area…

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