10:09-Ridiculousness, highlight of the day.

 This morning I managed to get up at 7AM.I got hungry pretty fast, so I decided I would make a smoothie. As usual its my highlight of the morning, not only does it fill me up, it taste great, is healthy, and always perfect for a good pre-workout drink.

My mother saw that I was going to make one, so she asked for one too. Turns out there was only enough ingredients for one, so I made her one and now I have to figure out what else to eat.

I cant believe that I cried over a smoothie though, like seriously, who in the world cries because they cant have a smoothie?Sure, I’m hungry and I didnt get what I want, but still.

I started to cry while I made the smoothie and then when I left it on the counter for her, I bursted into tears simultaneously.

I was looking forward to it, but not that much.Cried over a smoothie. I wanted that smoothie very badly, I admit that. highlight of my morning?Breakfast. Highlight of the afternoon?lunch?Maybe that’s how I function now.

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