Today I burned all of my poems from 2014. So much paper. I decided to do it when my Dad had left. It took me a long time to burn all that. Well, not very long, but longer than you’d like to do that sort of thing for. I I felt sick. From the fumes. For the most part at least. Once I had burned the sheets of the paper leaving only their centre “alive”, I went to rip the rest of the paper. Got paranoid. Threw it in the rubbish bin. I actually didn’t throw it. I carefully hid it under the other bags and stuff that was in it. Felt sort of liberated. Did I feel like this because I thought I was supposed to or because I really felt free?

I also shaved my legs, talked to Brandon and Hailey, put a pound in the money jar. Got a text from some French guy on Instagram. He thinks I actually know French that well. It takes me 3 minutes to respond to a message after having seen it.

Studied Geography for the test tomorrow. I’m actually redoing a test that I’ve already failed twice. Good luck, me.

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