Can you every feel complete without another half?

I want to feel content living life without feeling that I need a man to complete me.

All my life I have always craved attention from the opposite sex to feed my self esteem.  I have always needed reassurance, someone to compliment me and make me feel wanted.

Other than in work (I’m an escort) I think that the correct thing for me to do at this moment in time would be to have a detox from men.  I need to learn to love myself, I need to learn to not have to use sex the captivate a mans attention.  If a man is only interested in me for sex, he is not a man worthy of me. 

I need to spend the next couple of years strengthening my character, living life and developing myself.  

Once I begin to love life and love myself, then it will be time that I will have a life worthy of sharing with someone else. 

I cannot share my life with someone else if I do not yet know who I am.  

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