Episode 2, Saturday night out, stressful night at work

Was a mate’s birthday yesterday, she was turning 19. Had such a lazy day and had work in the evening 5-9pm. It was so stressful yet fun? Could not explain, it was busy in the shop and we were in a bad place when I came in to start. Colleagues annoy me a little, they talk very loudly in front of customers about the most inappropriate subjects.

Back to the flat! And with me about 20 bottles of assorted beverages for pre-drinks. About 20 of us are at this flat pre drinking, I’m feeling fucked after only 2 beers. Anyway I get em down me.

Me and a friend were having a laugh about rocking up to a club with a gym membership card, so he proceeded to go into his girlfriends purse, to retrieve the club card as we were having a laugh. She walked in at the worst possible time and it looked completely inappropriate. Now he’ s in the bad books. Haha. Sorry.

I walk off to some girls flat because she wanted me to roll her a spliff. By the time I get back literally 5 minutes later, everything has kicked off. Its looking like a nightmare. One girl set off a fire extinguisher, and says it wasn’t her and she was trying to plug the pin back in…. she keeps asking me and a few others if I believe her.. I tell her I do. I hope she isn’t lieing to me! I dont even fucking care to be honest. She also smashed a bottle in the flat.

In the midst of these shenanigans, the birthday girl is a little scared and she locks herself in her flat for about an hour because she is getting upset at this, its 12-12:30am and all we want to do is go out to town and I’m finding it hard to deal with this emotional bullshit. I took a few people to town with me and had a good time, drinks and all sorts! Met a explorer friend too.

Birthday girl turns up about 2am I believe! Great stuff! Glad to see most people out, time for bed for me and a few others. As I’m leaving the girl who I rolled a spliff for turns up, I’m happy to see her too, I think she wants to take me back to her place, too mortal to even know what to do. I asked a friend to cock block me, it worked. Thank fuck. Can’t be bothered with this one night stand stuff. Got home, slept. Quite a few people stayed out till 5am. Not for me!

Got a text off my best friend up North from when I was last there, I accidentally left his late fathers car ramps outside in the garden for a few months. He ain’t happy about this. But I totally forgot. I forgot to do the most simple shit sometimes.

Going to try go to London tonight to do some things. For now, taking it easy.

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