Happy, sad, scared and very anxious

If you read my last post, you’d know that I was accepted in college in one city that is so far from home and I didn want to go because I’m so in love with the boy that I’m dating. I was waiting for the results from another college that is so much far from my home and it would be easier to keep our relationship. But I didn’t get in at first. Let’s say that I’m not the “line”, about 70 people need to give up for me to get in, which means that it’s hard to get into this college.

It makes me so sad. I always thought that the day that I would know that I was accepted to college, was going to be one of the best days of my life, but I’m not that happy. I’m not excited about the parties and stuff, completely different from what I thought I would be, and it’s all because of him.


I also think that I may be too young to go to another state to college by my own, I’m only 17 and here most f people get accepted to college later, when they are 19 or something like that.


My dad told me to go an stay at least a little and see how things were going to be, if I realize that I’m not happy there, I would give up and study the rest of the year to apply to the college near my city again, or I would do the rest to transfer… Well, idk what’s gonna happen…. I’m happy but also sad but also scared and very anxious.

3 thoughts on “Happy, sad, scared and very anxious”

  1. well i wish you all the luck. Dont feel shy, people there wont know so, so they wont judge your past so you can start a new life. good luck.

  2. I say go to college, you are young, it seems this is an excellent opportunity for you. If you are meant to be with this person that you say you love at this moment in your life than you will be, fate has a way of intervening of making it happen; right now the best that you can do for yourself it to focus on you become the best that you can be, grow academically, prepare yourself for the future-best of luck

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