head in a mousetrap

building a little wooden car powered only by a mousetrap right now. or i should say, planning to build a little car–i don’t know how to build anything and right now, i’m just googling pictures of mousetrap cars to see what mine should look like.

apparently the car should be as light, narrow, and fluid as possible, and my choice of wheels was correct because larger wheels make the car go farther (the goal of the assignment is to go 20+ feet).

it’s due on freaking valentine’s day, which is just nine days away.

english homework due tomorrow. gsa on wednesday. anchor on thursday. nhs application (which is mainly THE ESSAY THAT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE OH DEAR GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO) due before this friday. registration for the open house in that stupid college in this town should be done before this saturday (because it’s on saturday) EVEN THOUGH I HAVE ZERO INTEREST IN GOING TO THIS COLLEGE. my sat scores will be out on the 23rd W H Y OH MY GOD WHY I’M NOT READY PLEASE NO.

so there’s all that. i’m dying inside thinking of how much stuff i have to do–and it’s all vitally important stuff, too. i’m also feeling helplessly angry at the idea of having to go to college in this town….having to stay for another four years after high school. jesus. my parents really want me to, though, and if there’s a scholarship (which there probably will be, if i keep my grades this high–the graduates in the top ten percent of this high school will always have scholarships in this consolidated college), i basically have no choice in the matter. other people would be thrilled to go to this school, but that’s because they’ve grown up here and they love it. i don’t. the way everyone is so fanatical about sports offends me.

anyway. yeah. so. i’ve been listening to lana del rey’s “tv in black and white”, luna shadows’ “hallelujah california”, and a bunch of other synthy, dreamy, chill songs. i’m really into being chill right now, probably because i have none of my own and the old emo songs i used to blast can’t really do it for me anymore, except when i’m angry.

i’m also getting irrationally angry that zutara wasn’t canon in a:tla even though i’ve never even watched the show. i’ve just been spending too much time on tumblr. like you do, when you have a million other, vitally important things to do. you know how it is.

i wish i could put my head in a mousetrap and just, crack! and i wouldn’t have to think about anything anymore. the snap is so satisfying and loud. i don’t know. this is just a weird thing i thought of just looking at the mouse trap i still don’t know how to attach to my car to make it move.

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  1. Funny how the one thing we always seem to disagree about is shipping. 😉 A:tla is my favorite TV show and I am glad Zutara did not happen. It would have been just another one of those *two young people get together only because they are good-looking without having much else in common or having spent particularily much time together* stories.

  2. I remember doing the same mouse trap project. We made the wheels out of CDs and the body was a small and light women’s shoebox. To make it move, you have to attach hooks to the axles. Then you hook up a rope that connects to the mouse trap and axles. Then you activate the mouse trap and it moves.

  3. So the rope has to be long, and it has to be spun around tightly around the axles. When the mouse trap activates, it pulls the rope which slowly comes undone, the axles rotate making it move.

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