Me as an invisible Speck

So Halllo Everyone.

This is my first entry. I really needed somewhere i could vent out my problems. I am that kind of girl that just is sealed up. Dont like telling my problems to people. They either judge you or rank you. I know you all are thinking I am such a coconut. Believe me I Am!😆😆. I feel as if no one really sees me. I am an invisible blob. No one understands. A Loner.

I am not exaggerating like during holiday I am that sidefriend that most people forget about. After resumption you’re like ‘ohhh yeah totally forgot we go to the same school’ ย a friggin ameoba.ย 

I do have some perks to my life, my family😚😍😍😍😍. ย Whom I love love love and breath for. My best friend M. I have some other friends whom i love and care for. I’ll tell about em some other day.ย 

With my BFF, i feel like more of the side-kick. But she is totally worth it. Enough chit chattt . Sleepyy! Later loves😆😝😘

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