My Life #1

Hey fam…. well I am new to this… and my first entry… well I am 18 and freaking ugly…. well I am not socially awkward or like that. I once used to be a social butterfly now I prefer being a loner.  

Well my life has changed drastically since last year, I now belong to the social group 
I don’t belong. 

My grades are going down. And I am like a total addict for series and anime. 

And my life is so boring. I want to do something very exciting than this plain boring life.

When I thought life cant get worse.. then I am starting to have lot of insecurities. -_-

  1. I am fat
  2. this teenage pimple and it adamant scars.
  3. studies. duh?
  4. many many

And I would like to share this to you people as an anon. And maybe you could help me in my life.

I have two best friend like we have been best friend for nearly 10 years…. but we three are in different paths so we hardly meet.

I can say I have No Life. :/



2 thoughts on “My Life #1”

  1. Totally get it . I know how it feels to be slowly going down the drain and not having anything to cling on. But hey no worries. You’ll totally bounce back. It’s in our nature to have peaks and downfalls. So be happy. And you are loved

  2. Both these authors had good things to say. I will just add, God bless you. Hugs!

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