The instant it hit

Today, it hasn’t been a bad day nor a great day… very ordinary in every way. I woke up, drank lots of coffee, watched West World with The Man, watched Emerald City with Snooch, showered, and went to work. 

The shift was short and sweet. While bumming out with Andy on the couch, he crooked his head to the side and slowly blinked his eyes. That’s when the water works hit. Something in his expression, so innocent and loving, reminded me of her. It’s been reality for awhile now that she’s not here, but crap… her loss hit me all over again like a ton of bricks. I miss her so much, my princess. She was my slice of heaven. I can’t even put into words all that she meant. Now she’s not here. We go on, but we never really forget.

Such a small creature made such a huge impact on my life. It’s weird how Andy reminded me of her and how her life flashed through my eyes. I hate how it goes when these moments hit.

RIP Toothless 

Always Loved & Never forgotten 

One thought on “The instant it hit”

  1. I wish I could be there and give you a hug. I know how precious and deep was your relationship to Toothless. I know you are still grieving. I believe he’s alright. Anyone you love that much, God is going to love, too, for your sake. And give him a Home. So he’s okay. Take care of you Sweet Lady.

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