Wrestling With Greatness

I am phenomenal just like AJ Styles
Hit you with a flying forearm of feminine wiles
If you can match my intellect you will surely know
That like Dolph Ziggler I’m destined to steal the show
Chris Jericho and I are the greatest of all time
Lyrically blessed and gifted with the rhyme
John Cena and I you just can’t see
Aspire all you want you’ll never be me
An enigmatic creature just like Jeff Hardy
I promise you fun I’m the life of the party
Going old school Undertaker I’ll capture your soul
Servant of my darkness shall be your new role
Seth Rollins knocks you out with a curb stomp
I can do the same with a sexual romp
Triple H is not the only one with cerebral game
I’ma blow ya mind make you scream my name
Dean Ambrose working the lunatic fringe
Can’t get enough of me feel free to binge
Pull a Shawn Michaels and break your heart
Shoulda known better had you hooked from the start
Just like Roman I’ma reign supreme
Drink it in baby I’m your ultimate dream

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