We (I mean the teacher herself) had already postponed our Computer Science test twice before today and we were supposed to take it today, but we didn’t. We had a substitute and it turned out we didn’t know shit. What a surprise! I mean, how challenging can making a PowerPoint presentation really be?
I got home and texted this guy from the Maldives, then we video-called. Turns out he keeps a diary too. Had some pasta (it was bad, but I will eat anything). Washed my hair. Listened to music. Studied French and sort of tried to prepare to study Physics. Went to bed and read The Catcher in the Rye.

This morning I got two notifications. The first one read: “Brandon sent an attachment.” The second one read: “OMG is this your fucking ex???”. When I opened the chat, I saw a picture of my ex at the train station, looking worse than ever. Brandon had taken that picture. My ex looked so terrible. I mean SO terrible.

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