backstabs #2

 Hey again fam! Well in my previous journal you people really cheered me up. I feel better. A big thanks to you people. *hugs back all*

I actually had this idea of writing journal because of Awkward series, in which the protagonist writes a journal online. So that’s why I am here.

Things have been messed up lately. Me and my bffs study in different place, so I have new people as my company. They’re so selfish and backstabbing.

Well, to be honest, I am not weak in studies. I am just not serious about it. I am irresponsible and careless to the core. And this lethargic attitude of mine is taking me to the hell. I want to change but I just don’t know how.

I love my family, but we don’t communicate very well, if we do too it’ll lead to some conflict and fight.

And there is these new ‘so called friends’  make me feel low, not only that they make me get low grades by distracting me and I fall for the trap.

Well god damn, I ain’t gonna fall for this anymore. I am gonna be positive. But every time there is this barrier stopping me to go ahead. Not to forget I am super lazy to do any sort of work.

I don’t want my life to be boring one. I am in search of something that’ll make my heart skip a beat. I just don’t know what it is and how do I find it.

I always have insecurity. I just don’t know why, seeing other people makes me feel inferior.

One day my life will get better 🙂




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