Day – 15

I always try to have a theme or somehting to these entrys but i never really do! its always just like stuff that happened to me in the past couple of days. 

So i wen home this weekend. it was nice to see my family and get a break from my school and the people in it!! im so excited that the patriots won last night too!! it was defintly an impressive game!!! the begining sow as always but then the forth quarter got exciting! now people ask me all the time why im a pats fan bc from where im from it doesnt make any sense!! my parents and brother always have been so I am! idk. thats all.

I am becoming better friends with the kids that I live with! im excited! there is this guy that i have been getting pretty close with and this other girl who i am starting to like. the girl at first i really didnt like but i now i am warming up to her! she is pretty cool. but the same hing is that hse is moving soon so i prob wont see her ever after she leaves because she is moving far away! :/ oh well. its not like we are best friends. and also wen she leaves there is a chance that my gf will move in wich would be awesome!! i mean it might be kinda hard but i think we could make it work and i think i would enjoy it! 

i had a coke this morning for the caffene that my friend gave me bc it was a special flaver. but i always forget that coke acola never agrees with my tummy… 🙁 

oh but i have very exciting news!!! i got into my first choice college with scholorship and another school that was one of my more backups. but its cool bc i got into one school for my academics and one school for my art! that made me feel good! although im still leaning to go to my first choice school i havent visited either one tho yet.

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