Day 344 – Ushering and staff bonding

Sunday, February 5th 2017

Today was good.

I went to church and I was told next week I’ll be ushering. I was given a paper with roles, but I’m also going to be told what to do when I arrive. I have to get there about fifteen minutes earlier than usual. The guy who gave me the paper seemed excited to have a teen instead of an adult ushering, so that’ll be fun.

When I got home I watched videos, did some homework and then participated in the staff event where we play games to bond with each other. We played Minecraft minigames, then Brawlhalla, then I had to go eat. I did quite a bit of homework before participating in the server event. It didn’t go so well. I decided that we’d play Pictionary instead to lighten up the mood. One of the owners was still upset after not too sure what. I apologised to her, since I thought I said something rude, but she just said she’s going through rough times, so I said I hope she gets better soon.

Megg texted me about our talk, but it was getting late, so I said goodnight and then I went to make my lunch for tomorrow.

I also found a video about a Zero G airplane, and I’ve always wanted to go do that or those other things that push you up with wind. My dad said he’d take a look if there’s any around where I live. That might be one of the things I’ll ask for my birthday.

That’s all for today.

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