Feeling grownup

Dear diary, 

Not just moving out that makes me feel more grown up recently. It’s how I’m thinking more of manners recently. It’s odd , not obsessive. I’m sure of it. Like I’m getting irritated by childish behaviours of others around me. Silly things as in not saying please, or not waiting for everyone to have food ready before eating.

Although planning decor for new place (as seen in photo above) is enjoyable. Pom pom rug is coming along with many on the floor waiting for backing to arrive. My art supplies being sorted into a storage draw unit is laborious. Why I’ve got nearly 60 assorted paint brushes I don’t know?

Three goals I set myself for rest of the year:

1-be more positive

2-workhard with business and keep own place running smoothly

3-Enjoy life more. As in don’t waste it.

-Is that pertinent or not? Till then I wait for my stuff to get together. Relying on others isn’t easy. Keep positive like your new goals girl. 


-Much commiserations AB

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