First Entry

This is probably gonna be rambling. I have been thinking about having a journal to collect all the thoughts that have been coming to mind. I have been thinking of this being an anonymous journal because even though I don’t want anyone to know what I am thinking because some of the thoughts are embarrassing, well not in the way of that I am psychopath or something but just in personal sort of way but still want the strangers to read about it…. Why  is that? I don’t know why I would like the strangers to read about it. Probably because I think that my shower thoughts are very profound or so I think and I need validation. Probably, as I said, I am not sure the reasons behind it. 

Well that’s it for now. I might come back today again with some more coherence in the words or I may come back tomorrow or maybe never. Who knows

2 thoughts on “First Entry”

  1. Path_Finder, I just recently started this journal post as well. Like you I feel like I have many important sentiments to share. I have thought about doing this for many years and I just finally committed this year and began this journey. Besides being a therapeutic approach to vent and write about my life experiences, I hope that my journal posts will give insight to others and help them with their concerns. I encourage that you do come back and post your thoughts, you may never know who you may impact by sharing your thoughts-Best of Luck

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