Had a pretty good weekend, got to go up and see my mom on Friday, went to my nieces game on Saturday-they won the game I watched and also the 2nd, brought my other niece back to Kansas City with me.  Negative points are that I have no money after paying for gas, food, and present for my cousin since I missed her birthday a couple weeks ago.  Went to the lawyer on Friday to try and get my husband his citizenship.  They needed more evidence so we went to a different one and she more or less said the person who was helping was an idiot…that she didn’t know what she doing. So this lawyer is going to help us from now on and we have 30 days to get the extra evidence or we are going to start all over.  I am getting stressed about this shit.  Not sure why they need more evidence, we have been together since 2008 and we got married in June of 2011 so obviously we aren’t just trying get his papers or we would of started a LONG time ago.  Not sure what I am going to do if he don’t get his citizenship because I know that if he is deported I won’t be able to go with him with all my health problems.  So stressed and now have no money but start working tomorrow at new job,  I’m excited about working as a CMT!!!  Hopefully I make more than I was as a CNA, because if not then I’m continue looking for another job.  Was making $12/hour as a CNA doing in home care but because of the comments the person was making I couldn’t continue working there or I would have snapped on them one day.  The person was a jerk and made comments I didn’t like-yes everybody has their opinions but seriously…on top of that I could never do anything right and they was always talking crap about the other girls working-which means they was prolly talking crap about me.  But o well, they was going to be moving to another state soon so would of eventually needed to look for another job.  And was working 12 hour days with that person 3 days a week…got exhausted by end of shift.  Had orientation in this nursing home last Sunday (the 29th) and they finally called me couple days ago to tell me when I start! Had called them like everyday since orientation.  I am going to work 630am to 230pm 5 days a week.  Prolly have work every other weekend, which don’t like.  Also applied somewhere else that has Monday to Friday 230pm to 11pm which would prolly be better because get every weekend off and because I am not a morning person…can barely sleep at night so I’m tired the next day.  Well guess that’s all for now.  Need go to sleep and try to…well sleep.  Good luck to me on that and on my first day tomorrow.

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