Monday February 6th

I am at school. My assistant principal is not here. She was supposed to get all my supplies for my classes today. That means I have nothing and I’m trying to get by with about 1/2 the number of things I need. If I hadn’t found stuff around the room, I would have had nothing. That seems a little irresponsible of her to me. She assured me I would have everything I needed to get started today. I understand if she couldn’t be here, but she should have told someone else to get the stuff for me. I am a little frustrated that I have to keep going to the office to ask for things and I feel like I need to apologize for disrupting the workers. I shouldn’t have to apologize for asking for the stuff I need to do my job. 

I don’t understand why the after school people allow the kids to just go through whatever and tear up whatever. My Clorox wipes went missing and my hall pass book went missing. I really wish I had a key to lock my desk. Something else I have asked for a couple of times with no luck. 

This place doesn’t want you to have soda in the building, but  I am dying right now. SO sleepy. It’s hard to get up at 5:30 and go all day- especially with no caffeine. 

I have a “date” this evening. Ugh. I hate that shit so much.

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