☆ 《 ° O2O717 / 2O17 / TUES ° 》☆

Aaaah, here I come again with another online journal thing. Ugh, it’s been months since I’ve came back with this. ODG. tbh, i wanted to do that writing thing over the diary / journal i kept and that huge notebook I bought since last year, damn. My handwriting is too ugli for that shit. pft.

Fine, I’ll just start again here. Okay, as of today, February 7, 2017, I will start to write in this journal / diary. I don’t know if I’ll start doing a physical copy of a journal or diary but damn, if only my handwriting was just as good as how i wrote before lmao and if I weren’t too lazy.  

Tbh, this day is just another one of those boring and unproductive day. Yeah, I woke up the usual time I usually wake up when I have no classes. Ah, so far my fl life is going great? No dramas ( hopefully, ugh ) plus I talk to some people ( selective because reasons ) and of course, I get to talk to Keon a.k.a the love of my life in rpw/flw. Okay, let me explain. FL ( a short term for Freelance ) and RP ( a short term for Roleplay), are types of hobby people do when they impersonate being their favorite idols or artists, there are many types of rpers / flers though. I just do this to get out from the harsh reality we live in.

First of all, nothing much happened, well…I did go on rabbit with Keon hehe. We just watched videos and such but then again in the end, idk if it’s just me but every time I pick something to watch, it’s like his mood always goes down and idk…I feel so boring sometimes. Well, I am pretty boring tbh. But I’m really thankful he still stays with me despite of it. And yeah, even if until now he feels like that, I’d still be here anyways to make him feel all better and cheer up. 

Oh gosh, I feel so uncomfortable whenever I see people on tl say things about rdm. I don’t know but as an admin, it kinda hurts, y’know? sighs. I should’ve just closed rdm down or idk tbh… I know I’ve let people down and I hate myself for doing that but how about my happiness for once, y’know? I’m sick of having to get reminded of things in the past. Pft, if that salty ass bitch who rps one of my faves,  sees this I bet she’ll be all salty and say things about it pft. Ah, but who cares what she thinks pft. Anyways, oh my fucking god. Babe just found a nsfw svt page and woooooow. : —- ) i am dying at all these buttsex omg. I can’t believe I just typed that b y e at self omg. 

Ah, it’s 12:58AM and i still can’t sleep r ip, but who cares. anyways, maybe i’ll stay up until I still can.

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