Cats Love Boxes

Today I bought a new shelf for the living room, nothing fancy. The box it came in is still in the room. I can’t throw out boxes. Why? The cats. Cats love boxes. I don’t know what it is about them, but if you a put a box out a cat will come.

As I am writing this entry, Andy is diving through his tunnel toy, charging through the room, and running into the box. He’s pretty happy with himself. Now he is dragging his tunnel around by this ball that hangs in the entrance. I’m getting such a kick watching this.

We’re almost down to 2 weeks until Rascal gets here. It’s been so long since I’ve had a dog! The one thing I can’t decide on is what to do for him outside. It use to be acceptable to tie your dog up outside or put it on a run. I was thinking of assembling a run for Rascal since we don’t have a fence. However… I’m not sure a run is the way to go any more.  I want what is best for Rascal, not what is the easiest or cheapest option for me. I would just spend the money and fence in an area of the back yard… but we are planning on moving. I think the best solution might be an electronic fence. He’d have a lil’ box on his collar that lets him know when he is at a boundary.  I’m not a fan of bark collars or anything like that so really what I want is to test this on myself and see what I’d be subjecting Rascal too. We aren’t planning on keeping him outside execpt when he wants to be. During his puppyhood and training he’ll be on a leash everytime he is outside. 

As the time gets closer I may ask the girl we are buying Rascal from to give him a blanket with the cat’s scent on it. Then a day or two before Rascal comes home, I’ll give the blanket to the cats. This way they will have a pre-introduction through their scents.

I should probably just bite the bullet and go back to school & be a veterinarian, lol!



2 thoughts on “Cats Love Boxes”

  1. That was one of my original aspirations – to be a vet. I loved the vet who came to take care of my horse. He inspired me. I still think of possibly going the vet tech route. I could swing that training while the kids are young.
    Love your kitty stories – they make me smile. The blanket thing is a great idea. And for whatever it’s worth, I’ve also heard that it is good to let a neutral party bring the new pet in the house for the first time.

  2. I could be having the worst sort of day… and then I come home to my cats. They never ever fail to put a smile on my face. They’re antics make me laugh & since they are always up to something, I’m always laughing.

    I planned to put pup in a carrier in the middle of the livingroom and let the cats sniff at him before they are all loose. The livingroom is unclaimed cat territory (Andy claimed my room, Jake took over the girls room, and Tyrion lurks in the hallway). I would have a neutral person bring pup in, but we don’t know a lot of people here.

    As far as the vet thing, my kids are older so I can handle the school work. I am rather dissatified at my current job. I love running a kitchen, but my job has management & staffing issues. The stress doesn’t match the pay. At this point it isn’t a matter of finding a better run restaurant. I think a career change is the answer.

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