Day 345 – Fantastic Beasts

Monday, February 6th 2017

*Fangirl screech*

I was just watching a “making of Fantastic Beasts” thing with my dad and J.K. Rowling said : “…it should be common sense by now that the movies will also follow Grindelwald and Dumbledore…” WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! Well, almost. I was hoping when they were young and together, but still, more info and feels between them. And the legendary duel! That’d be awesome to see.

Anyway, today was alright. I was a lot more tired than usual.

I started the day with French. We continued reading our book (and I got pretty far ahead), and I did some studying for our quiz tomorrow with Kohai.

Psychology followed and we took notes and discussed culturalism. We were also announced that tomorrow is a possible snow day, so crossing fingers.

At lunch I sat with only one close friend since the other was busy. We talked about how junior high has 10 days instead of 5 in their schedules now. Why? The days are just for the rotation of your classes, why do you need so many different combinations?

We also talked about snow days and how it’s the worse feeling to expect one, wake up, and it’s not one. I hope that doesn’t happen tomorrow.

I then thought I had art and stood outside the class, but didn’t walk in. I texted Kohai and she said I had English, so hopefully I played it off as if I was waiting for someone or something and plans changed. I dunno. Whoops, haha.

Anyway, in English we continued reading and watched half an episode of Black Mirror called Nosedive. The other episodes are apparently not school friendly. It’s interesting though how you rate stars on people and you’re judge/buy things off the stars you have. Representation of social media. But Megg recommend another episode, so I’ll have to watch that one as well.

I finished with art and at first I tried continuing eyes, but it wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to have fun and draw animals with the style I found for myself. I tried remaking the head like the cat, but it’d always end up in different shapes, so out of that I made different animals that would go with those head shapes. One of the owners of the server told me that I should sell them on shirts on society6, since they’re cute and simple. I might. I’d have to try them out digitally though.

Last one is a dog and looks too much like a cat. Gonna make it have droopy ears instead.

At home I tried working on the server, but lost interest and was too tired, so I watched YouTube. After supper I did some studying on the French book (Le Cri du Cerf) and then played some Brawlhalla with one of the moderators and his friend before going downstairs to watch the Fantastic Beats behind the scenes.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 345 – Fantastic Beasts”

  1. The Nosedive episode reminded me of real life a little. Some people’s lives today revolve around social media and the ratings that they get. In the episode, they don’t buy things with stars even though it looked that way when she bought coffee and rated the clerk. They just rate each other every time they have an interaction.

    I hope it snows tomorrow. It’s really warm here, warm enough to walk outside wearing shorts at night time. It is freaking winter and it is not cold at all.

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