Day 38

It has been eleven days since I last wrote. I had been hiding away from anyone and everyone within my home, thus I had no need to really write anything. except for what happened yesterday.

I was at the Grove, as per usual. Trying to get back into the groove of my studies. I was at the tavern there, where I usual start out, and… I was approached by another group of Sylvari. They cornered me, asking questions about my piercings. (I have two bridge of the nose piercings in the form of spikes, a septum piercing, 5 ear piercings on each ear, snakebites in the form of hoops, and a vertical labret). They asked why I did it, if they came in different colors, and they kept… smelling me.

There was one Sylvari in particular that caught my attention. His name was Xavinius. I believe he is Nightmare. He told me our paths would cross again in the future, and this made me terribly paranoid, of course. I left immediately.

I feel as though I am growing more and more paranoid with each day.


I am writing at the Maiden’s Whisper… I was just assaulted by a member of the notorious MoG… Mercenaries of Grenth… It was one of their crew members, but I do not know their name. He explained that he knew of my studies… that I have information… He left before any real damage was done, however, he explained that he would certainly find me again, and that it didn’t matter if I ran, or hid, that they would find me… I need to be more careful. I need to get a guard…


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