Facing Huge Financial Concerns

At this moment, I am feeling scare and very nervous about our financial circumstances. Currently my husband is the only one working.  Currently, I am a stay at home mom.  We have 2 children.  A 9 year old girl and 2 year old boy.  My 9 year old girl is attending a private catholic school.  At this moment my husband and I are literally living from pay check to pay check. 

It is daunting when I think about all of our current expenses/debts-mortgage, credit cards, utilities bills (light, gas, water), satellite bill, cell phone bill, home telephone and internet bill, and school expenses-its a lot to take in.  Adding to this is that we are also helping my mother and 2 brothers with food expense, like I said a lot to take in. 

This morning my husband asked me to search online how much money we need to pay back the city NYC Housing Preservation Development (HPD) for taking over the job of completing installing gas pipes/updating boiler in our home in order to meet NYC Department of Buildings requirements. 

It turns out that we will have to pay them back about $7, 200.  This is one of those cases that is so unfair.  During June 2016, during a meter reading, the gas company shut down our gas lines because they detected a gas leak.  They advised us that we needed to hire a licensed plumber/contractor to fix the problem in order to restore the gas line. 

We ended up paying almost a total of $10,000 to the plumbing company that we hired.  This ordeal turned out to be a nightmare for us because between June 2016 to December 2016 we were with out gas, hot water, or heating system.  Due to several cases of house exploding due to gas leaks, NYC Department of Buildings put into place an extensive process which requires that all plumbing/contracting company have to follow through; this includes obtaining appropriate permits for the job and passing inspections.

We own a 2 family house.  It turned out that we had to replace the entire gas line in our home because multiple gas leaks were found.  The plumbing company that we hired turn out to be very unprofessional and unreliable.  They kept stalling to the point that by October 2016 my tenants got fed up and call 311 to file a complaint with the city reporting that they had no gas, hot water, or heating in the entire building.  Once the complaint was filed the city send inspectors to investigate the circumstances of these conditions.  The plumbers disappeared and as a result the city (HPD) took over and stated that they would finish the job that the plumbers we hired failed to complete. I plan to go into more details regarding this nightmarish experience on another journal post-but not today.

I’m just feeling especially overwhelm this morning after finding out how much we are going to have to pay back the city. It’s just not fair!

I would like to think that maybe God has sought to give me some comfort in light of this financial burden.  Yesterday as I was reviewing  and commenting on several journal posts, I decided to post the poem of “Footprints in a Sand” as a way to state that this particular poem has helped to give me comfort whenever I am feeling overwhelm and lost.  I also came across a quote that was posted on another journal post  which I found to be very profound-“God gives his strongest soldiers, the toughest battles.”

I’d like to think that I am strong, that I will prevail, and trust that God is carrying me at this particular time of uncertainty.



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