Hate for someone.

I know this is my second post of the day but I felt the need to write again. I’m a loner. I always been a loner. I never had alot of friends even today . I’m not good with making friends I guess. Part being I can be shy.In high school I was extremely shy but I had a few friends. I even had a best friend. We were friends since 3rd grade when she moved n started at my school. I remember it clearly. She was balling her eyes out. We became friends. Even with all her faults. She was a pathological liar.She lied all the time but I always knew the truth and we still stayed friends. That’s until 11th grade. I moved and went to a new school but still went to the same vo-tech school in the afternoon  so I be in the same class with her. Well we stopped being friends when an old school mate of hers started at our vo-tech school. She started hanging out with this girl. She betrayed me. This girl and her came to me and told me something about her sister. Then when the sister asked me about it I was honest with her. Well my ex best friend told her I was lying. I threw her picture she has given me  back at her and told her to f*** off then we barely spoke again. Then about a year after graduation I ran into to an old friend from school. She was shocked to see me since I suppose to be dead. Yup you heard right. I was dead. Apparently this ex friend went around telling people I died in a car accident. I don’t know how many people she told but when I heard about it I wanted to kill her. I was furious for a while then gotten over it but  Everytime I see her  I still want to hurt her.I hate her. She has major issues. A few years ago she told my mom her mom passed away from cancer. My mom looked in the obituary but didn’t see it. Then when my mom met her sister she was told the mom was still alive and healthy.  What is wrong with this girl? I wonder how many people she actually killed off?. She has problems. I know she’s lost her kids to drugs already. She dates much older men. A few months ago my mom had a run in with her and mom called her on her lies. She threaten to punch my mom in the face. I wanted to get into my car and hunt her down. How can someone be so cruel and heartless? Be careful of who your friends are. Because sometimes underneath all the smiles and generosity there just might be a demon. 

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